Sunday, August 30, 2015

MTV Cribs - Argentina Addition

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So this week was very interesting! We had transfers and now I'm all the way back in Paraguay! To be exact I'm actually in a small little Tranquilo town called Pilar. And in Pilar its pretty quiet, there are two small branches, one with a pair of sisters and the other with me and my companion!

My new companion is Elder Ramos, he is from Venezuela and this is his last transfer! He is the oldest of two with a younger sister who is 20, him being about 27 with his birthday coming up in 9 days!

The area that we have of Pilar is a bit horseshoe shaped having a river running through it. Its a lot of walking and hopefully we can get the bikes fixed back up so we can get to our things quickly! haha

Jumping back a few days and not having to have packed for a while I ended up packing till a weee 2 am and then off to the Terminal to do the trips and everything at 7 so a wee 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep then buses and the whole lot of traveling. AHah it was fun and when I crossed over into Paraguay i ran into Elder Herzog, my comp from the MTC! And I was going to be waiting there for a bit so we decided to go get lunch. My first lunch back in Paraguay was McDonald's! And how glorious a day it was. Got my shoes shined once again while I was in Paraguay, much like I did just a little over a year ago. It wasn't the same kid which was a bit depressing but none the less it was a funny reminder!

Church and visiting people during the week was fun, its always a rush to get to know new people and talk with them! I really enjoyed being able to get to know the new people. The branch president is actually a shoe worker so he happened to fix up my pair of shoes. I was actually just about to toss out. Then Sunday came around and was able to take up about 5 minutes of time talking for a bit. Based on the short talks that were given by the two younger speakers haha..

But that's been my week so far!

Quick Birthday Note

From: Colter Merrell <>
Date: July 29, 2015 at 8:51:55 AM MDT
To: angie merrell <>
Subject: Update!

So alot has happened holy cow and at the same time we arent able to get to a computer in some time so here we go!

So, last week was pretty sweet. We had some amazing lessons but the best came on Sunday!

Saturday we went to a house with the intention of seeing if we will be visiting a couple and their daughter again. After struggling to get a message across we got to a close and Invited them to church where we received a no from the mom, an I don't know from the teenage girl, and an I'ss try from the dad. We then walked away knowing that we probably wouldn't be visiting them again.
We continued on our Saturday plan getting a few other lessons in. Sunday came, and we get to church about 5 minutes earlier but what happened blew me away. Already sitting in the chapel talking to one of the return missionaries was the father who had walked all the way from his house (about 45 minutes) to the church to get to know it. After sacrament we were not to sure what the next step would be so we explained the next class and invited him. He accepted and then again for the third hour of church. He has more of a closed personality so it was a bit difficult to see how he was taking everything but it ended good in my mind!

I would like to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes that were sent! It means a lot that you took the time to send me a message.

I did get a very happy birthday! the next day we had a party with the district. (it was a party for one of the last p days the hermana Retana was having, but secretly in the back of my mind it was my b day party haha) And so we made hamburgers. french fries and also we made some awesome no bake cookie cake!! It was delicious! haha. It was a bit runny, we didnt boil for long enough so we ended up just eating it with a fork like oatmeal haha. But eaither way it was awesome!!

Later that day we got Elder Ah Quin and his companion E Campopiano and we went and played frisbee and threw the football around. We ended up playing some kids in soccer (and winning) and then after teaching them rugby, then playing some ultimate frisbee and some american football! It was a blast and I woke up sore the next day. I miss that feeling.

Thank you so much again. Sorry its short.  I forgot my notes of the week! I may have a update next week that's a bit more extensive! But thanks  alot!

Elder Merrell