Monday, June 29, 2015

So Long Elder Piriz

(Dad note here,  Interesting to see Colter's English skills in rapid decline :))

So this last week was very interesting to be with my companion. Having it be his last week here in the mission field, I was gifted with the opportunity to be able to witness touch and heart felt goodbyes and last touching messages in which he and the people we visited.

It started with many families but our intention every time was to just pass by and take/give them a picture.

But every time upon visiting we felt compelled to share a small scripture or a small message, but in the end it came to the point in which we were having 40 minute goodbye lessons. I have felt a lot of heart and love in these last few days with Elder Piriz. He has a huge heart and it was a very touching experience for me to be able to go and see it.

We took lots of pictures (which i would put here, if i had my camera with me) And  those pictures will come in the week to come.

My new companion is going to be Elder Gallini, he is from my original MTC group and it will be nice to catch up and see how he is going. We will be staying in the same area. And at this time I have been given the privilege of being the District Leader of a large large district. It will be interesting to be working with all of them and trying to plan for everyone.

(anything else, kind of ran out of stuff to say?)


Some Experiences that I have had!

We were walking away from a lunch that we just had with members, chicken and spaghetti mmm... When we walked past a park, in the park there were two people in chairs, and one sitting up against a tree. There was also a father and his daughter on the swings, but we didnt end up talking to them. We did how ever get waved over, in the very south american fassion of palm down with the fingers doing wave over motion. Upon walking over to them, we realized they were umongst the ciesta drinkers..haha They had their box of wine and were eagerly drinking and pouring. The two in the chairs upon our arrive got up and walked off. We approached to the solo and pretty soon learned he wasn't interested. We also learned that they were smart enough to know that there have been changes in the bible and its not the same as they had when it was first written. So we managed to wrap the
BOM into our discussion and gave one to the girl that was there. And luckly, she had not been drinking!

We had an awesome opportunity to have Elder Balcaza (one of my ex companions) and his companion Elder Peterson over for divisions! I went with Elder Peterson and we had a fun conversation. We came across a kid who was having some drug problems and after a bit of talking we tried to get the bag, of drugs, from him by extending my hand, palm up, as for him to put the bag in my hand. After a good 30 seconds of thinking it over, I received a very nice fist was hard not to laugh. In the end we got the bag from him and he is now working on getting off of his stuff.

We also had a chance to do divisions with the Assistence, Elder Edenfield and Elder Winston, Me and Elder endenfield went and got lost for a bit, but ended up managing to get to where we needed to be..then got lost a second time, and found out way back..a second big deal..We had a amazing lesson and then the second had to be cut short, so we shared a bit about the brother of Jared and the stones that he offered up to the Lord for him to touch. After talking a bit, the Sister we were sharing with gave her view on the story. Saying along the lines of the following.

We are the rocks, we must be clean, pure, with out blemish, transperent. We then must be ready and humble, waiting for the opportuninty for when God chooses to touch us and when he does we need to be ready to share our light that we are given. :D

Elder Merrell

Sunday, June 7, 2015


​So a week has passed by already! that is crazy. The time really really does fly haha holy cow.

So to start off, Tuesday we had a normal day until after lunch. After lunch we got a call from the office and they asked if we could do divisions with Elder Olson and Elder Hodson and we said yes. So they came and picked us up and we went and dropped off all the stuff at the new house. Then made a quick plan and headed out.​ Me with elder Hodson and Elder Pirz con elder Olsen, We made a quick visit to a couple of members then a visit to our investigator Griselda and talked a bit with her about Family Home Evenings.

Wednesday came soon having Olsen and Hodsen sleep over we were up in the morning and off to the conference where we had Elder Vinez from the Quorm of the 70 come and talk to us. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk and listen to him in person. We each individually got the chance to shake his hand. I was about to ask if I could have a hug but chickened out haha. We talked about the recent converts in our areas and also talked about the importance of the spirit in the lessons. The spirit is who converts not the teacher. After the conference, and having some Hamburgers next to Elder Vinez and listening to him practice his English with some of the Sister missionarys we then headed back to our area. We got back, and for a minute went to the pension to take our jackets off when we got another call to see if we could do divisions with Elder Prince and Elder Arevelo, we said yes and waited until they arrived, and then made a quick plan with them and split up.  Me with elder Prince and Elder Piriz with Elder Arevalo. We visited a few members and then some less actives, But 9:00 was coming quickly so we asked for a bit of directions on how to get back to California (the grocery story) and the Banco Macro (we lived above the bank and next to the grocery store) got some directions and caught a bus( I am confident in my 2 weeks time being here). After a bit we hopped off the bus and asked some one for directions to the California and the bank, they pointed us the direction we were already going, but we thanked them anyways. Upon arriving, I then was a different bank California combo...instantly I was lost... After a bit more walking and the time now closing in on 10 o'clock we made a quick call to Elder Pirz and realized that we were far far away...After a 100 peso taxi ride we made it home..

Saturday came around and not to much other crazy stuff happened during the week. We got to Saturday after a couple of encounters with drunk people,and we were fine. Saturday we had planned the baptism of Griselda, after a scramble for clothes, we had the baptism in some very very cold water. One of the Brothers from the Church had the honors to baptize her and then Sunday the Branch president happily sustained her into the ward with a beautiful blessing.

Sunday during Sunday school we had the wonderful opportunity to combine our classes with those of the Tacuari Ward (we are the Villa Cabello Branch) and had the honor to hear from the Bishop of their ward talk a lot about the cleaning of the church and the bathrooms...It was a wonderful Sunday to have investigators at church haha..Some were saying that this wasn't the time and place to have a meeting like this..but due to the amount of people that would have shown up any other day ( no people ) they were forced to do it on a Sunday..haha but hopefully all is well now.