Sunday, November 15, 2015


So a lot has happened! We got news of the transfer coming up last Monday and then we had to play the waiting game for a while. But during that time we stared visiting some people and also began to pack a bit, but not too fast.

Tuesday came and we did some mean team clean of the pension after that I got to some hard packing, after having learned that I would be traveling at  about Midnight on Wednesday. This is where some of the pictures take place. The small kid I took the picture with is named Hugo and I had the chance to baptize him not too long ago. So it was pretty sweet to have him come send me off to the next area. We quickly got onto the bus and headed off. 5 hours later we arrived in Encarnacion, and made our way to the church building. We waited there a bit and then we were sent off to Cuidad Del Este. While there we waited at the stop called KM7, having arrived there at about 4;30, waiting there till about 630, then went to KM4 and realized that we were suppose to be in KM4 and had just missed the bus as of 30 minutes. We ended up staying the night with some other elders then got back on the road early that morning. Now from Cuidad Del Este to Saltos de Guida, my new area, its about another 4 hour ride. And during this 4 hour time, the cops stopped the bus about three times. The first time, we were asked to get off the bus and open up our luggage. The bus driver was also there wanting to see what was in the bag. One of the officers quickly asked as we were opening bags. `you are Mormons right?` we said yes, and after the first bag was open to reveal only clothes the officers said we didn't need to open any other bags. They shot a pretty dirty look to the bus driver who stormed off with out another word, seemingly mad that he didn't catch spies. Then again about a hour later, different officers enter the bus, ask us for our ID which we happily hand over and they thank us and leave. Third time, about 40 minutes later different officers enter, in this time asking for our ID and also to open our carry on bags. We passed all three tests with flying colors.

After that it was already thursday and well, i dont really remember much of what happened thursday to be honest. Haha Friday and Saturday were new like always, the area is really relaxing and its just nice to see new places. Its a Huge shopping town but in this moment its going through some hard times economically, so there are some larger malls that are completely abandoned..Its pretty interesting to see a half ghost town..

The new companion is Elder Diaz, He has about 6 months in the mission, Well he completed his 6 month mark on Friday i think..Haha Yes it was Friday. He is from Cordoba Argentina and is super animated about the work. Its a nice change of pace and I'm pumped to work with him. Haha

So some funny things to mention, this is my 12th transfer in the mission. (there are 17 in total) and so far, every transfer that I have had, I have had a new companion. We will see if the trend sticks around after this one. Haha.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Small Miracles & Elder Perez

So ahh fast!! So transfers happened and here are some short things that happened between those times.

I was going to send an emergency email to my parents to send me some socks, the ones I have are falling apart and are getting gross and well yah..Haha I'll leave it at that. So after my companion died and the companion of Elder Adao died me and elder Adao had to stay at the house of elder Adao, and while I was there I did some snooping about the stuff that his companion left. And I found a fresh box of Christmas it was amazing! So no worries! I have socks for a while!

So I now have a ´kid´ and I'm training him! His name is Elder Perez and he is from Bolivia! There are pictures around here some where that I sent so they should be attached to another message! But its great. Its a bit difficult , at first you end up doing all of the..well everything..haha and then with time they begin to start pulling some of the weight and helping out. But its crazy none the less!

Another Miracle.We were sitting at a lunch that we had with members. Talking and chatting when I had a little thought. ¨She´s going to fall¨ I glanced to my left and sure enough the little girl who has been treating the chair like a jungle gym is tipping back wards so just in time I was able to catch her and save her from a bump on the head and a lot of crying.

Oh Sunday, Yesterday. Was showering and just doing my thing when I heard a pop and a hiss and I noticed that there is significantly more light in the room. Freaking out slightly I jumped out from under the shower head after some ash fell around me to look up and see my shower head slightly on fire..Just about had my second baptism by fire...Haha well that's the whole story basically..

We had our district conference yesterday and Saturday! The main theme was Mission work and it was very nice to see the push for this hopefully we will be able to get some more help from the branch now.

Thats all I have for now! With love!

So long Elder Ramos

So, I'm going to apologize for the lack of question marks, and exclamation points in this one. Based on the fact that this keyboard is Hecho Percha..this is pernounced etch-o pearcha for those of you who dont know no worries.

Elder Ramos is on his way to his house right now. It was sad to see him go. But I was really happy for him to have completed his 2 years. So it was a bit bittersweet in the end. But I am happy for him. The last days were tough. I asked him how he felt about going home and he told me that these last few days he is trying hard to capture that feeling of being a missionary. So when he goes home he can continue to remember those feelings. may be asking if your companion is going home...who is your companion right now:Questionmark: My companion right now is Elder Adao, he is a Brazilian and has exactly 6 weeks in the mission. The twist of the story is that he isn't my companion for the transfer. He is just my comp for the next few days. My companion will be a Greenie...I will be training a new person:LotsOfExclamation marks: And I'm kind of freaking out just a bit, I'm nervous to train but I'm excited to help out a new missionary...

Thats this far..

Elder Merrell

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Texas Gold

So its been a busy 2 weeks! It has felt like a lot longer than it has actually been but this is what has been going on!

So last week we went into Incarnacion on Sunday night, We stayed there with Elder Nelson who was there back in the Hernandarias days so we were able to catch up! Then comes Monday, we hit the beach, tried to play some volleyball on the super hot sand but that didn't really work out. We took some pictures and I got to hang out with Elder Herzog. That night stayed with Nelson again and we made Texas gold! We then had a wonderful Multi Zone Conference on Tuesday, Ended up staying there that night and then leaving on Wednesday late. But it was all really good.

One thing that we got to do was I was able to do Divisions with Elder Herzog! My old MTC companion. It was wonderful to see how far we have progressed since then. Having been 14 months since we had first worked together.

Then not much happened during the week, Saturday came around and we were able to teach English to Gabriela's kids again! It was a blast, we did the Alphabet and also some numbers.

This week so far!

So Sunday we had to leave quick, 12 we caught a buss to incarnacion again so that my companion could go to Iguazu Falls! So he left and I stayed with Elder Christiansen and the other Office elders in Posodas, Did a quick papers trip where I have finally received my DNI in Argentina saying that I am a temporary citizen there so getting across the border will be a lot easier! I then helped out around in the office for a bit then crossed back over into Paraguay, Waited a bit, until around 8pm when my companion got back! We then got sent to Elder Herzogs house where we made texas gold again! Even better this time haha..

Then we had a Zone meeting, There were some talks on Faith and how its a action word and not a passive word. We also played some games and ate a lot of sweets haha.

But this week has been going by super fast so far and its already Wednesday and then transfers are coming up a week exactly from now.. so we will see what happens!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

MTV Cribs - Argentina Addition

Video Link


So this week was very interesting! We had transfers and now I'm all the way back in Paraguay! To be exact I'm actually in a small little Tranquilo town called Pilar. And in Pilar its pretty quiet, there are two small branches, one with a pair of sisters and the other with me and my companion!

My new companion is Elder Ramos, he is from Venezuela and this is his last transfer! He is the oldest of two with a younger sister who is 20, him being about 27 with his birthday coming up in 9 days!

The area that we have of Pilar is a bit horseshoe shaped having a river running through it. Its a lot of walking and hopefully we can get the bikes fixed back up so we can get to our things quickly! haha

Jumping back a few days and not having to have packed for a while I ended up packing till a weee 2 am and then off to the Terminal to do the trips and everything at 7 so a wee 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep then buses and the whole lot of traveling. AHah it was fun and when I crossed over into Paraguay i ran into Elder Herzog, my comp from the MTC! And I was going to be waiting there for a bit so we decided to go get lunch. My first lunch back in Paraguay was McDonald's! And how glorious a day it was. Got my shoes shined once again while I was in Paraguay, much like I did just a little over a year ago. It wasn't the same kid which was a bit depressing but none the less it was a funny reminder!

Church and visiting people during the week was fun, its always a rush to get to know new people and talk with them! I really enjoyed being able to get to know the new people. The branch president is actually a shoe worker so he happened to fix up my pair of shoes. I was actually just about to toss out. Then Sunday came around and was able to take up about 5 minutes of time talking for a bit. Based on the short talks that were given by the two younger speakers haha..

But that's been my week so far!

Quick Birthday Note

From: Colter Merrell <>
Date: July 29, 2015 at 8:51:55 AM MDT
To: angie merrell <>
Subject: Update!

So alot has happened holy cow and at the same time we arent able to get to a computer in some time so here we go!

So, last week was pretty sweet. We had some amazing lessons but the best came on Sunday!

Saturday we went to a house with the intention of seeing if we will be visiting a couple and their daughter again. After struggling to get a message across we got to a close and Invited them to church where we received a no from the mom, an I don't know from the teenage girl, and an I'ss try from the dad. We then walked away knowing that we probably wouldn't be visiting them again.
We continued on our Saturday plan getting a few other lessons in. Sunday came, and we get to church about 5 minutes earlier but what happened blew me away. Already sitting in the chapel talking to one of the return missionaries was the father who had walked all the way from his house (about 45 minutes) to the church to get to know it. After sacrament we were not to sure what the next step would be so we explained the next class and invited him. He accepted and then again for the third hour of church. He has more of a closed personality so it was a bit difficult to see how he was taking everything but it ended good in my mind!

I would like to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes that were sent! It means a lot that you took the time to send me a message.

I did get a very happy birthday! the next day we had a party with the district. (it was a party for one of the last p days the hermana Retana was having, but secretly in the back of my mind it was my b day party haha) And so we made hamburgers. french fries and also we made some awesome no bake cookie cake!! It was delicious! haha. It was a bit runny, we didnt boil for long enough so we ended up just eating it with a fork like oatmeal haha. But eaither way it was awesome!!

Later that day we got Elder Ah Quin and his companion E Campopiano and we went and played frisbee and threw the football around. We ended up playing some kids in soccer (and winning) and then after teaching them rugby, then playing some ultimate frisbee and some american football! It was a blast and I woke up sore the next day. I miss that feeling.

Thank you so much again. Sorry its short.  I forgot my notes of the week! I may have a update next week that's a bit more extensive! But thanks  alot!

Elder Merrell

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 13th Update

Week review! haha so this week has been crazy on all levels.

 So first thing that happened we were given some Liahona magazines so we could meet some of the members and know where their houses are. We had the wonderfull opportunity to meet a the Alvez family (totally forgot to get a picture with them!) The mom is a lawyer and the dad is a police officer, they have a daughter who knows English, and then two other little girls and a son. We had a wonderfull opportunity to have a family night with them in where we could share a bit about ammon and then we finished the night with some pizza. We are hoping to get them back to church.
We also had a family night activity thing with the familia Blanco, And we got to talk about HLJ (CTR) and it was tons of fun and afterwards we gave them all rings! (this we did take a picture of)

We got a chance to well..witness Argentina rain.. And its a bit texas like where it just shows up and its around for a bit then just dissapears with out a trace.. so yah. But i did get a chance to see some marble sized hail and some flooded streets!

So on the 12th (that just passed) Marks my year from home mark, so I have the count down now and no longer the count up haha. 


We were invited to a Seminary lunch thing, or well it started at 8 in the morning and went untill 3 that afternoon. we went and taught some hand sign versions of the 10 commandments.


And thats what has been going on!

Monday, June 29, 2015

So Long Elder Piriz

(Dad note here,  Interesting to see Colter's English skills in rapid decline :))

So this last week was very interesting to be with my companion. Having it be his last week here in the mission field, I was gifted with the opportunity to be able to witness touch and heart felt goodbyes and last touching messages in which he and the people we visited.

It started with many families but our intention every time was to just pass by and take/give them a picture.

But every time upon visiting we felt compelled to share a small scripture or a small message, but in the end it came to the point in which we were having 40 minute goodbye lessons. I have felt a lot of heart and love in these last few days with Elder Piriz. He has a huge heart and it was a very touching experience for me to be able to go and see it.

We took lots of pictures (which i would put here, if i had my camera with me) And  those pictures will come in the week to come.

My new companion is going to be Elder Gallini, he is from my original MTC group and it will be nice to catch up and see how he is going. We will be staying in the same area. And at this time I have been given the privilege of being the District Leader of a large large district. It will be interesting to be working with all of them and trying to plan for everyone.

(anything else, kind of ran out of stuff to say?)


Some Experiences that I have had!

We were walking away from a lunch that we just had with members, chicken and spaghetti mmm... When we walked past a park, in the park there were two people in chairs, and one sitting up against a tree. There was also a father and his daughter on the swings, but we didnt end up talking to them. We did how ever get waved over, in the very south american fassion of palm down with the fingers doing wave over motion. Upon walking over to them, we realized they were umongst the ciesta drinkers..haha They had their box of wine and were eagerly drinking and pouring. The two in the chairs upon our arrive got up and walked off. We approached to the solo and pretty soon learned he wasn't interested. We also learned that they were smart enough to know that there have been changes in the bible and its not the same as they had when it was first written. So we managed to wrap the
BOM into our discussion and gave one to the girl that was there. And luckly, she had not been drinking!

We had an awesome opportunity to have Elder Balcaza (one of my ex companions) and his companion Elder Peterson over for divisions! I went with Elder Peterson and we had a fun conversation. We came across a kid who was having some drug problems and after a bit of talking we tried to get the bag, of drugs, from him by extending my hand, palm up, as for him to put the bag in my hand. After a good 30 seconds of thinking it over, I received a very nice fist was hard not to laugh. In the end we got the bag from him and he is now working on getting off of his stuff.

We also had a chance to do divisions with the Assistence, Elder Edenfield and Elder Winston, Me and Elder endenfield went and got lost for a bit, but ended up managing to get to where we needed to be..then got lost a second time, and found out way back..a second big deal..We had a amazing lesson and then the second had to be cut short, so we shared a bit about the brother of Jared and the stones that he offered up to the Lord for him to touch. After talking a bit, the Sister we were sharing with gave her view on the story. Saying along the lines of the following.

We are the rocks, we must be clean, pure, with out blemish, transperent. We then must be ready and humble, waiting for the opportuninty for when God chooses to touch us and when he does we need to be ready to share our light that we are given. :D

Elder Merrell

Sunday, June 7, 2015


​So a week has passed by already! that is crazy. The time really really does fly haha holy cow.

So to start off, Tuesday we had a normal day until after lunch. After lunch we got a call from the office and they asked if we could do divisions with Elder Olson and Elder Hodson and we said yes. So they came and picked us up and we went and dropped off all the stuff at the new house. Then made a quick plan and headed out.​ Me with elder Hodson and Elder Pirz con elder Olsen, We made a quick visit to a couple of members then a visit to our investigator Griselda and talked a bit with her about Family Home Evenings.

Wednesday came soon having Olsen and Hodsen sleep over we were up in the morning and off to the conference where we had Elder Vinez from the Quorm of the 70 come and talk to us. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk and listen to him in person. We each individually got the chance to shake his hand. I was about to ask if I could have a hug but chickened out haha. We talked about the recent converts in our areas and also talked about the importance of the spirit in the lessons. The spirit is who converts not the teacher. After the conference, and having some Hamburgers next to Elder Vinez and listening to him practice his English with some of the Sister missionarys we then headed back to our area. We got back, and for a minute went to the pension to take our jackets off when we got another call to see if we could do divisions with Elder Prince and Elder Arevelo, we said yes and waited until they arrived, and then made a quick plan with them and split up.  Me with elder Prince and Elder Piriz with Elder Arevalo. We visited a few members and then some less actives, But 9:00 was coming quickly so we asked for a bit of directions on how to get back to California (the grocery story) and the Banco Macro (we lived above the bank and next to the grocery store) got some directions and caught a bus( I am confident in my 2 weeks time being here). After a bit we hopped off the bus and asked some one for directions to the California and the bank, they pointed us the direction we were already going, but we thanked them anyways. Upon arriving, I then was a different bank California combo...instantly I was lost... After a bit more walking and the time now closing in on 10 o'clock we made a quick call to Elder Pirz and realized that we were far far away...After a 100 peso taxi ride we made it home..

Saturday came around and not to much other crazy stuff happened during the week. We got to Saturday after a couple of encounters with drunk people,and we were fine. Saturday we had planned the baptism of Griselda, after a scramble for clothes, we had the baptism in some very very cold water. One of the Brothers from the Church had the honors to baptize her and then Sunday the Branch president happily sustained her into the ward with a beautiful blessing.

Sunday during Sunday school we had the wonderful opportunity to combine our classes with those of the Tacuari Ward (we are the Villa Cabello Branch) and had the honor to hear from the Bishop of their ward talk a lot about the cleaning of the church and the bathrooms...It was a wonderful Sunday to have investigators at church haha..Some were saying that this wasn't the time and place to have a meeting like this..but due to the amount of people that would have shown up any other day ( no people ) they were forced to do it on a Sunday..haha but hopefully all is well now.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Settling Into New Area

SO! Haha it has been a while. And transfers have happened and everything but now I'm able to sit down for a moment and type out the past week to the best of my memory.

Last monday! Elder Christiansen and I went bowling and had alot of fun spending our first pday in Obera together having traveled every other Monday before then. We then received information that I was being moved more into Posadas, into the Tacuarri barrio.

So I began packing for the second time in the mission so far. I packed up quick and was sent off, Meeting my New Companion Elder Pirz who is from Cordoba Argentina and has 23 months in the mission. I am going to be with him until he ends the mission haha. We are literally like a 20 minute walk from the airport in which he will be leaving so its pretty fun to poke fun and tease him a bit. So far it has been a blast working with him, he really knows how to motivate the members of the church and to bring them out to work with us. I have never seen happier and more prepared to work, member missionaries in my life. They are wonderful.

Today, not sure what holiday it was be he ate Locro (i have honestyl no idea on how it is spelled but thats how it sounds haha) and it was delicious.  Afterwards we played uno with the family and shared a scriptrue, and now we are working on finishing up packing our pension up so we can move later on today or this week

Happy Mother's Day

So Happy MothersDay to all the mothers out there.

"If evolution really works,
how come Mothers only have two hands?"

Found some funny stuff, haha and it was pretty interesting to explain the concept of how the USA has mothers day on a diffrent day then the Dia de Madre, But none the less we had fun celebrating it. My comp was able to talk with his family which was pretty funny to witness him struggle through his Spanish as he tried to make English sentences make any sort of coherent sense.

Other than that, the week has been interesting, alot of divisions and a lot of traveling. It has been a good 12-16 total hours of bus times this week and other that that we are alive and working hard. Its becoming difficult to find people who are willing to progress.

More often than not they are to willing to take the opinions of others over a opinion they can form by asking God for themselves. Everyone should feel the obligation in any situation to ask or try for themselves. No two people are the same, and from that, no two people will experience the same thing in the same manner.

Elder Merrell

Hecktic Week (April 27)


Monday was a very nice day, had some fun time with elder cross and we ate some icecream and everything!

Tuesday comes around, District meeting, talked about making sure people understand what Baptism really means and making sure they understand the promise they are making. Normal day, Got a poncho Pizza.

Wednesday..All goes well. We are having a wonderful Lesson with the Familia DaSilva and talking a bit about the Old Testament and comparing the Bible with the Book of Mormon, when  Elder Cross gets a call. After the call, we finished the lesson like normal and then BOOM! Emergency transfers, but not a dire emergency. There were two sisters who went home sick, so the sisters in our area went and are taking their place and also 2 elders in Paraguay were having Visa Issues so they have to leave Paraguay for 15 days. The result was that Elder Cross was swapped out and now I have Elder Christiansen, and he is from my Travel group from the MTC so we have the same amount of time in the field.

So Wednesday afternoon after the lesson and also after went and began packing. Finished packing Thursday afternoon.

Thursday we Traveled to Posodas got there with all of Elder Cross's bags (he forgot all his socks at the house haha) and we then received the wonderful opportunity to watch a transmission from Cordoba (I think) and were able to hear from Elder Oaks of the 12! He talked about alot of things and was a bit all over the place which I enjoyed but he finished up with talking about revelation and how it will be different for everyone in the world but everyone will have a way to receive it. Then we returned back home to Obera about 9 oclock so we called it a day and Elder Christiansen unpacked his stuff.

Saturday we did some visits and contacted houses. Then helped out witht he Jovenes (young) and watched them play a very..interesting game of basketball..if you could call it that... Then went and finshed off the day with another awesome lesson with the Familia Dasilva!

Sunday, church, church and then Sacrament. Me and my comp gave a talk haha. He gave a talk with a day and a half warning. He talked about the importance of being able to recognize the spirit and I talked about the importance of developing Faith, Hope and Charity and how they are active traits and not passive ones, they are active and we need to Act to receive them. We then waited a few hours after church to do divisions with the Elders Quorum and no one showed up.. so we went and did the visits our self haha.

Monday traveling again! for a zone activity..and goodnes it was so nice to be able to run and play basketball and football..I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. but not in my own bed haha.. Since the hermanas were taken from our area we no longer have a district in obera so we have to meet with other missionaries in order to have our district meeting. So right now we are stationed out in Jardin America (american garden) with elder Blanco and Elder Nelson. And then sleep here tonight, leave tomorrow on another buss after the meeting and get home around 5 ish..

This is my last week and tomorrow! haha its been a blast and the past casi-9 months have just ran by...

Te Extraño mucho. Elder Merrell

Sunday, May 3, 2015


So conference was a blast! I hope you have had time to go read over the talks a second time and do some extra studying! I am waiting till we get the Liahona and then I'll read them again haha. I'm super excited to get them into my hands and on paper! I did love the talk about the Indian Medicine Man and asking ¨do you dance?¨ And I loved the Plane story. All of the talks were amazing!
I feel like i need to give you a update on my studying! Right now I'm Restarting the old testament along with a GIANT guide that goes side by side with it.  I also am reading the Bible Dictionary...Haha..Just trying out something new...And with elder cross he is reading the D&C so we talk about that for our companionship study.
Some fun things that have happened this week, 
We always walk by this one cafe bar every so often and this whiter guy would always say Hello to us, and one time we stopped and asked him. ¨where did you learn English? your accent is perfect¨ - ¨Well i would hope i know English, I've spoken it my whole life¨ His name is Mike and he lost his wife about 20 years ago and after that he got a bike (motorcycle) and started exploring the world he has been to every state in the US, all of Canada, all of Europe and of northern Africa. He is now working through all of South America..It was crazy to talk to him.
Another thing, we were walking through Obera 6º a district, or a small just culdesac thing..and we came up to a bush and what i thought were to small hobos wrapped in blankets. As we got closer we then realized it was two kids about 12 and 9, both wrapped in black blankets and wearing Halloween masks...Oh my we stopped and they started asking us questions first...Are you German? where did you come from? are you testigos? we finally fought off all their questions and asked them why they were dressed up..Turns out that they are just out and about trying to scare people...oh kids..
We had an opportunity to have our interview with president LaPierre and were able to go and talk with him about what ever we needed to. It was the normal every three month interviews that we get. And it was nice to talk with him. Since our Branch that we have here is a individual branch and not part of a stake it belongs to the mission and so President LaPierre is in charge of it so we then were able to listen to him the next day on Sunday and be apart of the ward council and listen to him teach one of the hour long classes. He talked about Stewardship but in Spanish it is called Mayordormia. And stewardship means the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially : the careful and resp

onsible management of something entrusted to one's care.

Monday, March 30, 2015


So there are tons of 6 feet tall (creepy) bunnies all around town now, and to add onto that there is a giant tomb and a garden tomb type area set up. It is very interesting here.

Also had a very interesting experience, so Saturday we got a call that the General Relief Society stream was having some issues, so me and elder cross headed that way to see if we could find any obvious problem. The problem was out of our reach, and sadly it seemed that everyone just gave up after they realized there was a problem so there was a very fast exodus.  After I managed to change the projector language from German into Spanish for them I walked back out side and Elder Cross was talking to a taller white fellow.... an American named Greg Sailem.  He and his wife and two kids are from North Salt Lake but recently just finished being a mission president in Houston (Sugarland?  not Katy) and he was coming back to see if he could find any converts from 24 years before when his ZONE (my zone for example is Obera) was all of Missiones. (Missiones is the name of the province in which is my mission) And he traveled all over the place. We helped them out a bit and gave them some general directions and such. His Spanish was a bit rusty but it was enough to impress the Branch President. We talked with his sons and his wife some and they ended up coming to church with us the next day. President then invited the father to share a quick message during church, meaning a good 25 minute talk during which I was translating for the sons as fast as I could. It was a fun experience and a well needed spiritually uplifting one.

Have you watched the new Mormon Message?   It's very powerful!

Some of the pictures!
Some scenery and the Overa sign, a mad ostrige, my comps throwing knife skills..face dance sign, Carlos (Jewlrey maker, member) me and my comp hiding behind big leaves, some knives a investigator was selling, Easter EGGS!! for the mission confrence, Titanic games and out paper hats! Some Comp Pictures and then a small gold bar...78g at 18k... nearly 3000$...