Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Weeks are going by fast, not sure why or how but they are haha. Before I get to the obvious talking about General Conference I'll talk about the things that happened leading up to general conference haha. 

Tuesday- we went to another zone meeting, it was a lot of fun seeing people again and getting a break from the constant Spanish.That afternoon we were able to go do a bit of tracting. We tried to go and set up an appointment with some investigators we knew and that fell through so we went to visit some members that we knew and share a quick message with them. It was a semi swampish area, there seemed to be a small pond nearby and it was a wonderful thing to see and very up lifting to see some fireflys, it was very simple thing. But felt very comforting to see them around. 

Wednesday - Friday
A lot of traveling and paper work. We left Tuesday night around 11 and had a long bus ride into Suidad De Leste, (I"ll never be able to spell any city right..) and then drove over into Posodas, since they assumed we slept on the bus, which didn't happen, we began paper work and such. After Wednesday of paper work we went to a small town away from Posodas and did splits with some elders there for a few hours. I was able to meet a member there who built model boats and also raised rabbitsAbsolutely blew me away. After that we went and caught another bus and went into Ascension for more papers. Another chance of sleeping on the bus. Thursday morning turned into a waiting game at a consulate of some sorts and all to sign one paper. After we got the chance to go and look at the temple and get some food in us. We then closed the day with catching another bus all the way back to Hernandarus to where we learned our companions, We split up earlier, were still in Suidad De Leste. So we staid up till about 2 am on Friday to make sure they had a key to get in. Then we finally were able to catch some sleep. We then began to recuperate and then were able to tract some that afternoon. 

Come Saturday and Sunday.
So we watched conference at my church, We set up the Spanish session for the members of the ward in the chapel and me and two other missionaries went into the secretaries office to watch it in English. I'm so happy i was able to watch it in English. It was such a wonderful conference!! I was however not able to watch priesthood session in English and most of that went right over my head. For the talks given in Spanish sadly they dubbed over a English voice for us. But that aspect is wonderful and I'm super happy that they are doing that now for people!

I had an opportunity to be a translator for a family here. Earlier last week we gave them a curious George book that was in Spanish. And this week they came back to us and told us they don't know what it means, so i was able to read/translate this book for them, it was amazing and i felt very happy about my Spanish and how far it has come along!

Elder Merrell.