Thursday, November 20, 2014

Computer kiosk blues

I would have had a large post this week, and sorry if any words are missing the letter ´n´ the keyboard's keys are a tad non-responsive. It also wouldn't let me send any pictures.

Entonces I'm going to share a short story that I shared in church this past Sunday.

When I was 5 we were living in an apartment in Utah and there was a large storm that came through. My Mom was at work and my Dad was checking on the neighbors making sure they had their yard tied down. I was alone and during this time the power went out and it was dark. Being simple minded, I quickly thought to pray. Kneeling down I prayed, simply asking God in the name of Jesus Christ if he would bring the lights back. They did not turn on instantly but after my prayer was finished I flipped the switch off then back on and the light had returned. The power of prayer is real, but only if we have faith in God.

Really starting to not like Mondays. I guess I'm a bit homesick but not really.  It is hard to describe.

Miss you. Love you.