Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 1 - MTC

The past week has been amazing, I had the chance to go listen to a talk given by Dallin H. Oaks, and then I got to sing for him in the choir! It was a lot of fun, the talk was good and I took a lot of notes.

I got here on October 9th so a day over a week ago. And ever since then I've felt the spirit. Its been an amazing feeling and I've enjoyed every minute of it so far. My companion Elder Schanavelt pronounced (Swanavelt) is a super cool guy and he has already taken four years of Spanish so he has been doing great in the mock investigator lessons.

It has been a ton of fun so far, there is a lot of study time and alot of personal time. There are 6 different types of study time so there is a lot of variation. It has been an amazing thing to be here and weird to have a companion but it has gotten good fast.

I've made a lot of little references to things regarding theater and to things regarding camp journey. I've really missed everyone and hope everyone is being safe and doing good. I'm not really sure what else to type but i do want to make one request. I want people's emails. It would be so nice to be able to send personal emails to people. I miss you all so much and there is at least a time everyday where i think back to experiences with that person. My preparation days are on Thursdays so those are the days I do laundry and send emails to people. Also I would like Addresses, you can send them to me by email and then i can write you letters if that's more your style.

Funny story, So on Tuesday one of the hermanas received a care package with peanut butter bars in them, I quickly went and got one then came back to get another one and Elder park jokingly told me that i cant have another one even though i was already holding it. So being me I looked him in the eyes and licked it and set it back into the box, Me and Elder park then proceed to watch Elder Tuft with out looking back reach into the box and eat it in one bite..We lost it..Me and elder park were running all over the place laughing and everything. After we calmed down we asked him why he ate it he said "Well, i heard you guys dropped one on the ground and didn't want it any more so I stepped up and decided to eat it" We then lost it a second time. It was a good day haha.

The food has been great and the have chocolate milk here to rival Zac's Chocolate milk for all of you Camp Journey People. Also they love my poncho, not sure what has been said on my blog for me yet so there may or may not be some restating of events.

My email is and then hopefully my mom will re post my Address here for those who prefer
to write letters.

With Much Love
-Elder Merrell