Saturday, August 9, 2014

MTC 2.0

So week one, attempt number two. This has been a very interesting experience semi-knowing what is already going on. But the tiempo is starting to go by much quicker and spanish is coming back at the same speed. I already have down the Nuestro Propositio and am working on many other things.

On Sunday i was able to go watch the talk, character of Christ again and that is for sure one of the best talks I have ever heard. And was super happy to be able to hear it again and take notes and some of Elder Bednar's council into my studies.

We have been teaching an 'investigator' who is really a teacher here, but it was a very interesting experience and struggling through spanish is already crazy enough. Also a big thing for me is I've begun to have crazy dreams here at the MTC and most revolving around people i know and really funny situations that i would have never thought of consciously.
The past couple of days have been rather interesting when it comes to weather and also rather interesting when it comes to temperature, I learned that my bed here at the MTC does not have enough covers to keep me warm and i struggle to stay warm at nights here.

My Companion is Elder Herzog and i would be sending pictures had i not left my camera in the back of my grandmas car on the Wednesday that i arrived here. Elder Herzog is a awesome person and I really enjoy talking and sharing experiences with him. He is an amazing first companion and a very trustworthy and nice person to be associated with. To add. I have learned so much already, And so much is going on with me and

around me. I had an oportunidad to talk and laugh with Hermana Graham and see here around West campus here. I also had an oportunidad to talk with Elder Black from back home in Utah, We ran into each other by complete chance and was a wonderful experience to see a old friends face.

I'm not sure what else to write, I am sorry that my first email is going to be so short this time but there is a lot that I must do today and get back to other things.

​Con mui amor, ​