Monday, December 1, 2014

So went on exchanges with Elder Ogden for two days which was fun! We are able to see Foz Brazil from there so we are actually pretty close to Brazil, just a short swim and there. We had some sweet lessons with Elder Ogden in his area and then back to my area with my companion.
Thanksgiving, does not exist here so it just kind of happened. I had a pretty big celebration in my head and on that page for my planner but other than that it was a normal day of work. 
Gave a call to the Nurse missionaries, who are in charge of about 100 or so dumb teenage boys and their well-being and turns out i have a bit of a viral infection and just to wait it out. It’s getting better now haha. 
Hit a big milestone for the missionaries in the field, I am officially done with my training! haha so no longer reading Preach My gospel and watching videos about how to be a missionary for an hour a day. Which is nice i guess. And it keeps us out of the sun for another hour. Which is getting a lot hotter haha. So woooo!! No more training!!
We have a family that loves the church and they are a wonderful family of 6, 5 of which have Baptismal dates for the 27th of December!! So I’m excited for them. I’ll get some pictures with the family when I can. There is a Grandma, Sara, and the mom, Maria Argentina, a daughter who’s name slips my mind, Gonzalo who is 12 and then Jesus who is 8 and Fatima who is 3. They are wonderful and Fatima has finally starting to talk with us!!
I’m currently studying the Bible right now, starting from the last chapter of the New Testament and working back. I’m currently in John. And a chapter to go read, and I recommend is Hebrews 11, and also an interesting verse in 1 Corinthians 15:29!
Baptism Pic) This happened on Sunday, We had a baptism of a little girl who just turned 8, she was baptized by her father. It doesn’t count as a baptism for us but it was still a beautiful experience to see.
Machete pic) So this was alongside our service and on the walk home i attached our tags to a machete that we didn’t really use the machete, just snapped a pic haha. It would be interesting if we would have actually used it, but the grass wasn’t tall enough for it. Those houses in the background are homes, they can range from a family of 6 to just one person by his lonesome, one of the houses close to these are the son and his wife of the bishop of our ward.

Book pic) This is the first page of our
Guatanese Book of Mormom...I don’t even know how to pronounce these letters let alone speak it haha.