Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Comp, Baptisms, Heat

So a lot has been going on! Got a new companion! I have a baptism coming up, and the heat is starting to hit hard haha.

So elder Balcaza was transferred to be a Zone leader over me, and I received elder Fontolvo in Exchange, he is an awesome missionary and a wonderful companion with one flaw. This is his last transfer so I’ll only get him for this 6 weeks, but we are prepared to work and he will work till the end haha.

So The Arrana Gonzolo family is going to be baptized on the27th of December and I am so happy for them. There is a pic of them somewhere and it should be posted with this. They are very happy and very grateful for me and my companion. They are very eager to learn and strengthen their testimonies. They are a wonderful family. Sara is the Grandma, Maria-Argentina is the mom, Maria-Laura is the oldest daughter, the oldest son is Gonzalo, And then Jesus and Fatima. They are wonderful.
Also we have a boy, His name is David, his mother is a member and he wants to be baptized. We have set u his date on the following day (the 28th). He has Asperger’s and is honestly one of my favorite people to visit. He has memorized Soy u hijo de dios (I am a child of God) with just me and my companion signing it twice.
Normally our p days are on Mondays but there was a party yesterday that took place in Brazil, and everyone flocked over there. I do not know the name of the party but walking around town yesterday was spooky and was literally a ghost town...Haha But none the less back to it today!