Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Plenty of Rain


So we started off with a good Monday, a normal P-day not to much happened.

Tuesday We had our Zone Meeting, nothing to crazy happened here. The mission life is not as crazy as it seems.Well when you get to those things you do every week. But none the less it was fun and I enjoy seeing people and talking with them.

Wednesday we had interview with the President! And those were a lot of fun! I haven't seen him for a bit so we did a bit of chatting, I got to explain my tech process during theater to him and we also talked a bit about what I want to do after the mission. It was very nice just talking to some one in English after all this time. We were also given glass bottled Gatorade...which has now been my go to cup around the house..I have never felt healthier drinking coke out of a Gatorade bottle...


Rain...A whole lot of rain..A ton of rain..Street Flooding amounts of rain...and with rain comes the fact that no one wants to talk to us or wants to do anything with us so yeah...It was a pretty depressing.

Valentines day....So this valentines day was TO-DATE my worst day of the year so far. And in all honesty had nothing to do with the fact that it was Valentines day..Haha, and it wasn't like I broke my foot or something. It was more just a bunch of little things. Haha lunch canceled, and so did our dinner. I got a very nice ketchup stain on my tie followed by a very nice glob of cheese.  I guess it wasn't that bad cause I am now forgetting what else happened.

Journal Wise i think i am up to about 5...seperate..journals haha... I have one for my day to day/personal spiritual experiences..One in where i just write stories.. and a few other ones.. I have already finished writing in two of them so ill probabaly be sending a package home at some point in my mission with journals..haha