Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cat Fish Stew-


So Monday was nice, got to write a bit and what not and then that night had a Family home evening we were invited to with the Familia Median, We talked about something, and then we went around and talked about characteristics that we could see in other people. We each drew a name and got a chance to talk about them. I drew the mothers name and was able to talk about the amount of charity she has and shows very frequently. I then talked about the characteristic of making and keeping friends that i saw in the two boys that were there. I talked about how it seems to be common practice to have a friend for a year and then never talk to again and tend to avoid when in my mind the title friend is a permanent thing and you talk to them off and on. But never just a straight cold turkey type thing.

Then after we finished we had a wonderful Catfish soup..in which i was served the head. It was okay, it was a bit difficult to find some meat on the head.. Especially after the jaw fell off and it just seemed to fall apart..While eating the soup though i did manage to find a eyeball..It was located when it was in my mouth..Didn't complain about the food until the next day when the Diarrhea hit..Life is good.

So some quick just little bits that aren't well big enough to be their own paragraph haha. I found skittle!! My Pajamas are board shorts and a t shirt now..like beach ready every night haha. Talked a ton at the last District reunion, and to add to that i actually conducted the meeting haha. Also at the Wednesday night activities there were some boys just watching the church boys play soccer, so I strongly insisted that they invite them to come play. And it worked haha. I just hope that they come back next week.

With love
Elder Merrell