Monday, July 27, 2015

July 13th Update

Week review! haha so this week has been crazy on all levels.

 So first thing that happened we were given some Liahona magazines so we could meet some of the members and know where their houses are. We had the wonderfull opportunity to meet a the Alvez family (totally forgot to get a picture with them!) The mom is a lawyer and the dad is a police officer, they have a daughter who knows English, and then two other little girls and a son. We had a wonderfull opportunity to have a family night with them in where we could share a bit about ammon and then we finished the night with some pizza. We are hoping to get them back to church.
We also had a family night activity thing with the familia Blanco, And we got to talk about HLJ (CTR) and it was tons of fun and afterwards we gave them all rings! (this we did take a picture of)

We got a chance to well..witness Argentina rain.. And its a bit texas like where it just shows up and its around for a bit then just dissapears with out a trace.. so yah. But i did get a chance to see some marble sized hail and some flooded streets!

So on the 12th (that just passed) Marks my year from home mark, so I have the count down now and no longer the count up haha. 


We were invited to a Seminary lunch thing, or well it started at 8 in the morning and went untill 3 that afternoon. we went and taught some hand sign versions of the 10 commandments.


And thats what has been going on!