Monday, June 29, 2015

So Long Elder Piriz

(Dad note here,  Interesting to see Colter's English skills in rapid decline :))

So this last week was very interesting to be with my companion. Having it be his last week here in the mission field, I was gifted with the opportunity to be able to witness touch and heart felt goodbyes and last touching messages in which he and the people we visited.

It started with many families but our intention every time was to just pass by and take/give them a picture.

But every time upon visiting we felt compelled to share a small scripture or a small message, but in the end it came to the point in which we were having 40 minute goodbye lessons. I have felt a lot of heart and love in these last few days with Elder Piriz. He has a huge heart and it was a very touching experience for me to be able to go and see it.

We took lots of pictures (which i would put here, if i had my camera with me) And  those pictures will come in the week to come.

My new companion is going to be Elder Gallini, he is from my original MTC group and it will be nice to catch up and see how he is going. We will be staying in the same area. And at this time I have been given the privilege of being the District Leader of a large large district. It will be interesting to be working with all of them and trying to plan for everyone.

(anything else, kind of ran out of stuff to say?)