Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Texas Gold

So its been a busy 2 weeks! It has felt like a lot longer than it has actually been but this is what has been going on!

So last week we went into Incarnacion on Sunday night, We stayed there with Elder Nelson who was there back in the Hernandarias days so we were able to catch up! Then comes Monday, we hit the beach, tried to play some volleyball on the super hot sand but that didn't really work out. We took some pictures and I got to hang out with Elder Herzog. That night stayed with Nelson again and we made Texas gold! We then had a wonderful Multi Zone Conference on Tuesday, Ended up staying there that night and then leaving on Wednesday late. But it was all really good.

One thing that we got to do was I was able to do Divisions with Elder Herzog! My old MTC companion. It was wonderful to see how far we have progressed since then. Having been 14 months since we had first worked together.

Then not much happened during the week, Saturday came around and we were able to teach English to Gabriela's kids again! It was a blast, we did the Alphabet and also some numbers.

This week so far!

So Sunday we had to leave quick, 12 we caught a buss to incarnacion again so that my companion could go to Iguazu Falls! So he left and I stayed with Elder Christiansen and the other Office elders in Posodas, Did a quick papers trip where I have finally received my DNI in Argentina saying that I am a temporary citizen there so getting across the border will be a lot easier! I then helped out around in the office for a bit then crossed back over into Paraguay, Waited a bit, until around 8pm when my companion got back! We then got sent to Elder Herzogs house where we made texas gold again! Even better this time haha..

Then we had a Zone meeting, There were some talks on Faith and how its a action word and not a passive word. We also played some games and ate a lot of sweets haha.

But this week has been going by super fast so far and its already Wednesday and then transfers are coming up a week exactly from now.. so we will see what happens!