Thursday, August 14, 2014

PDay 2. The start of week three

So far being here at the MTC has been a wonderful experience and I have had an amazing time talking and associating with my company and also my companion. Umm, I'm not to sure how to do this at all so Ill give it my best shot haha.

​My last week has been wonderful. Twice as good as the time before. Sundays are a true blessing based on the fact that we don't have any sort of classes or learning, unless the learning was of the spirit and the scriptures. A bit cliche sounding but that is how it is. If you are not learning of the scriptures, you are learning of the language. Or eating.

The food here is wonderful, there are some days where we would rather grab a sack lunch. Let's just say that the shrimp seem a bit to shiny...But we are getting fed well. It is really weird to have breakfast at the time you are suppose to, And then lunch and then also dinner all at the correct times. Or just being feed three meals in general is odd. The Spanish is coming back, the little that i already learned. But in general I believe my self to be on track with the norm of Spanish learning.

They have us teaching investigators here and so far the worst problem with it is the fact that I can not construct sentences in Spanish to save my life. I don't know all the little words, and half of the time they don't even need to be translated, so it is weird adjusting to a new language.

Last Thursday me and my fellow Elders were able to go to the Temple and go through an endowment session for names that my Grandma Carol has given to me. And this week we were able to go through a sealing session for some of those same names. It was a very wonderful experience to hear the promises given in those prayers.

I'm sorry for being all over the place but I'm pretty sure many people would be proud to hear that I, while being here, have sewn three different things so far. A tear in my Pink Camp Rocks shirt, a tear in my pillow case and a small hole i burned in my hoodie while playing with fireworks, not at the MTC, And ironing and washing my own things are a fun experience. And to sum things up, the one thing you don't want to get asked to help with is folding socks at the temple....

Umm...I'm not sure what else to say. We have been going to choir on tuesday nights so that we have a seat for the speaker. We had a quorm of the 70 last tuesday and the tuesday before we had the MTC director. They were both very good talks and the notes I took are fun to reflect on.

You are pretty much forced to study here. Which is nice, I can't sit at the dinning room table and listen to music and twiddle a pencil for an hour and say that i have any more. We have Personal study, companionship study and then language study. So it basicaly gets us so tired of stalling we end up studying haha. This is longer then last weeks so i think it will sufice the curious.