Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Preparing for Baptisms & Christmas

So its been a while but none the less, let´s get to it!

So last week was a blur and alot of sitting, We had another papers trip to correntes which is 12 hours of busses away. We got there pretty early, around 7 in the morning, after starting our travels around 3pm the day before. Oh goodness. So we got there and sat for a bit more, never ended up signing anything which I take as bad, and then left there around 7pm that day getting to the mission home in Posadas at about 12 that night. We slept woke up at 8 and got on another bus back to Hernandarius haha. Long trip

Then back to the work! Not much happened last week. We did however, have the Ward Christmas dinner and party which was fantastic! We ended up sleeping in the chapel that night and the next night based on the fact that we dont have any air conditioning. But we have some now thank goodness. The Dinner party was wonderfull! The Primary conducted a very rambunctious but very sweet nativity and first christmas. After the program we had dinner. Every table had their own 2L of soda haha.

We went over the baptismal quetsions with the Aranna family and they are more than ready. They are practically members of the ward having their own table at the christmas dinner and everything. It makes my heart swell to see them so happy.

Christmas is comming up and I'm not too sure what we are planning on doing. I know for sure the skype call but then again they expect us to go contacting and try to talk to people that day also. Its a bit odd but we will see how it works out haha. Not to sure about it. Super pumped for my first christmas away from home though.

Other than that, once again the computer doesn't like my camera. but I'll try to get some pictures this week anyways. Much love

Elder Merrell