Thursday, January 22, 2015

Slow Week

So this week has been a slow week. The president changed, or well we think it was him I really don’t know haha. But they changed what numbers they ask for and it essentially changed our focus to working with members more and friends and references that they have. So we are working on finding members who have references for us right now, and hit it had this week!
My new companion is Elder Baldeon, (bal-de-on) he is from Ecuador, he is a bit on the quieter side and we have a bit in common and enough to talk about and get to know each other.  His Spanish is a bit harder to understand, he has a small lisp. But he is awesome; he has been in the mission for a year and seven months. He has been a zone leader for a time and now is our district leader.
Not much else has happened this week. IT has been very relaxing and very chill, but at the same time a lot of sweat and a lot of hard work. 
Not very long this week.
Elder Merrell