Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hecktic Week (April 27)


Monday was a very nice day, had some fun time with elder cross and we ate some icecream and everything!

Tuesday comes around, District meeting, talked about making sure people understand what Baptism really means and making sure they understand the promise they are making. Normal day, Got a poncho Pizza.

Wednesday..All goes well. We are having a wonderful Lesson with the Familia DaSilva and talking a bit about the Old Testament and comparing the Bible with the Book of Mormon, when  Elder Cross gets a call. After the call, we finished the lesson like normal and then BOOM! Emergency transfers, but not a dire emergency. There were two sisters who went home sick, so the sisters in our area went and are taking their place and also 2 elders in Paraguay were having Visa Issues so they have to leave Paraguay for 15 days. The result was that Elder Cross was swapped out and now I have Elder Christiansen, and he is from my Travel group from the MTC so we have the same amount of time in the field.

So Wednesday afternoon after the lesson and also after went and began packing. Finished packing Thursday afternoon.

Thursday we Traveled to Posodas got there with all of Elder Cross's bags (he forgot all his socks at the house haha) and we then received the wonderful opportunity to watch a transmission from Cordoba (I think) and were able to hear from Elder Oaks of the 12! He talked about alot of things and was a bit all over the place which I enjoyed but he finished up with talking about revelation and how it will be different for everyone in the world but everyone will have a way to receive it. Then we returned back home to Obera about 9 oclock so we called it a day and Elder Christiansen unpacked his stuff.

Saturday we did some visits and contacted houses. Then helped out witht he Jovenes (young) and watched them play a very..interesting game of basketball..if you could call it that... Then went and finshed off the day with another awesome lesson with the Familia Dasilva!

Sunday, church, church and then Sacrament. Me and my comp gave a talk haha. He gave a talk with a day and a half warning. He talked about the importance of being able to recognize the spirit and I talked about the importance of developing Faith, Hope and Charity and how they are active traits and not passive ones, they are active and we need to Act to receive them. We then waited a few hours after church to do divisions with the Elders Quorum and no one showed up.. so we went and did the visits our self haha.

Monday traveling again! for a zone activity..and goodnes it was so nice to be able to run and play basketball and football..I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. but not in my own bed haha.. Since the hermanas were taken from our area we no longer have a district in obera so we have to meet with other missionaries in order to have our district meeting. So right now we are stationed out in Jardin America (american garden) with elder Blanco and Elder Nelson. And then sleep here tonight, leave tomorrow on another buss after the meeting and get home around 5 ish..

This is my last week and tomorrow! haha its been a blast and the past casi-9 months have just ran by...

Te Extra├▒o mucho. Elder Merrell