Sunday, May 3, 2015


So conference was a blast! I hope you have had time to go read over the talks a second time and do some extra studying! I am waiting till we get the Liahona and then I'll read them again haha. I'm super excited to get them into my hands and on paper! I did love the talk about the Indian Medicine Man and asking ¨do you dance?¨ And I loved the Plane story. All of the talks were amazing!
I feel like i need to give you a update on my studying! Right now I'm Restarting the old testament along with a GIANT guide that goes side by side with it.  I also am reading the Bible Dictionary...Haha..Just trying out something new...And with elder cross he is reading the D&C so we talk about that for our companionship study.
Some fun things that have happened this week, 
We always walk by this one cafe bar every so often and this whiter guy would always say Hello to us, and one time we stopped and asked him. ¨where did you learn English? your accent is perfect¨ - ¨Well i would hope i know English, I've spoken it my whole life¨ His name is Mike and he lost his wife about 20 years ago and after that he got a bike (motorcycle) and started exploring the world he has been to every state in the US, all of Canada, all of Europe and of northern Africa. He is now working through all of South America..It was crazy to talk to him.
Another thing, we were walking through Obera 6º a district, or a small just culdesac thing..and we came up to a bush and what i thought were to small hobos wrapped in blankets. As we got closer we then realized it was two kids about 12 and 9, both wrapped in black blankets and wearing Halloween masks...Oh my we stopped and they started asking us questions first...Are you German? where did you come from? are you testigos? we finally fought off all their questions and asked them why they were dressed up..Turns out that they are just out and about trying to scare people...oh kids..
We had an opportunity to have our interview with president LaPierre and were able to go and talk with him about what ever we needed to. It was the normal every three month interviews that we get. And it was nice to talk with him. Since our Branch that we have here is a individual branch and not part of a stake it belongs to the mission and so President LaPierre is in charge of it so we then were able to listen to him the next day on Sunday and be apart of the ward council and listen to him teach one of the hour long classes. He talked about Stewardship but in Spanish it is called Mayordormia. And stewardship means the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially : the careful and resp

onsible management of something entrusted to one's care.