Sunday, May 31, 2015

Settling Into New Area

SO! Haha it has been a while. And transfers have happened and everything but now I'm able to sit down for a moment and type out the past week to the best of my memory.

Last monday! Elder Christiansen and I went bowling and had alot of fun spending our first pday in Obera together having traveled every other Monday before then. We then received information that I was being moved more into Posadas, into the Tacuarri barrio.

So I began packing for the second time in the mission so far. I packed up quick and was sent off, Meeting my New Companion Elder Pirz who is from Cordoba Argentina and has 23 months in the mission. I am going to be with him until he ends the mission haha. We are literally like a 20 minute walk from the airport in which he will be leaving so its pretty fun to poke fun and tease him a bit. So far it has been a blast working with him, he really knows how to motivate the members of the church and to bring them out to work with us. I have never seen happier and more prepared to work, member missionaries in my life. They are wonderful.

Today, not sure what holiday it was be he ate Locro (i have honestyl no idea on how it is spelled but thats how it sounds haha) and it was delicious.  Afterwards we played uno with the family and shared a scriptrue, and now we are working on finishing up packing our pension up so we can move later on today or this week