Sunday, June 7, 2015


​So a week has passed by already! that is crazy. The time really really does fly haha holy cow.

So to start off, Tuesday we had a normal day until after lunch. After lunch we got a call from the office and they asked if we could do divisions with Elder Olson and Elder Hodson and we said yes. So they came and picked us up and we went and dropped off all the stuff at the new house. Then made a quick plan and headed out.​ Me with elder Hodson and Elder Pirz con elder Olsen, We made a quick visit to a couple of members then a visit to our investigator Griselda and talked a bit with her about Family Home Evenings.

Wednesday came soon having Olsen and Hodsen sleep over we were up in the morning and off to the conference where we had Elder Vinez from the Quorm of the 70 come and talk to us. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk and listen to him in person. We each individually got the chance to shake his hand. I was about to ask if I could have a hug but chickened out haha. We talked about the recent converts in our areas and also talked about the importance of the spirit in the lessons. The spirit is who converts not the teacher. After the conference, and having some Hamburgers next to Elder Vinez and listening to him practice his English with some of the Sister missionarys we then headed back to our area. We got back, and for a minute went to the pension to take our jackets off when we got another call to see if we could do divisions with Elder Prince and Elder Arevelo, we said yes and waited until they arrived, and then made a quick plan with them and split up.  Me with elder Prince and Elder Piriz with Elder Arevalo. We visited a few members and then some less actives, But 9:00 was coming quickly so we asked for a bit of directions on how to get back to California (the grocery story) and the Banco Macro (we lived above the bank and next to the grocery store) got some directions and caught a bus( I am confident in my 2 weeks time being here). After a bit we hopped off the bus and asked some one for directions to the California and the bank, they pointed us the direction we were already going, but we thanked them anyways. Upon arriving, I then was a different bank California combo...instantly I was lost... After a bit more walking and the time now closing in on 10 o'clock we made a quick call to Elder Pirz and realized that we were far far away...After a 100 peso taxi ride we made it home..

Saturday came around and not to much other crazy stuff happened during the week. We got to Saturday after a couple of encounters with drunk people,and we were fine. Saturday we had planned the baptism of Griselda, after a scramble for clothes, we had the baptism in some very very cold water. One of the Brothers from the Church had the honors to baptize her and then Sunday the Branch president happily sustained her into the ward with a beautiful blessing.

Sunday during Sunday school we had the wonderful opportunity to combine our classes with those of the Tacuari Ward (we are the Villa Cabello Branch) and had the honor to hear from the Bishop of their ward talk a lot about the cleaning of the church and the bathrooms...It was a wonderful Sunday to have investigators at church haha..Some were saying that this wasn't the time and place to have a meeting like this..but due to the amount of people that would have shown up any other day ( no people ) they were forced to do it on a Sunday..haha but hopefully all is well now.