Monday, June 29, 2015


Some Experiences that I have had!

We were walking away from a lunch that we just had with members, chicken and spaghetti mmm... When we walked past a park, in the park there were two people in chairs, and one sitting up against a tree. There was also a father and his daughter on the swings, but we didnt end up talking to them. We did how ever get waved over, in the very south american fassion of palm down with the fingers doing wave over motion. Upon walking over to them, we realized they were umongst the ciesta drinkers..haha They had their box of wine and were eagerly drinking and pouring. The two in the chairs upon our arrive got up and walked off. We approached to the solo and pretty soon learned he wasn't interested. We also learned that they were smart enough to know that there have been changes in the bible and its not the same as they had when it was first written. So we managed to wrap the
BOM into our discussion and gave one to the girl that was there. And luckly, she had not been drinking!

We had an awesome opportunity to have Elder Balcaza (one of my ex companions) and his companion Elder Peterson over for divisions! I went with Elder Peterson and we had a fun conversation. We came across a kid who was having some drug problems and after a bit of talking we tried to get the bag, of drugs, from him by extending my hand, palm up, as for him to put the bag in my hand. After a good 30 seconds of thinking it over, I received a very nice fist was hard not to laugh. In the end we got the bag from him and he is now working on getting off of his stuff.

We also had a chance to do divisions with the Assistence, Elder Edenfield and Elder Winston, Me and Elder endenfield went and got lost for a bit, but ended up managing to get to where we needed to be..then got lost a second time, and found out way back..a second big deal..We had a amazing lesson and then the second had to be cut short, so we shared a bit about the brother of Jared and the stones that he offered up to the Lord for him to touch. After talking a bit, the Sister we were sharing with gave her view on the story. Saying along the lines of the following.

We are the rocks, we must be clean, pure, with out blemish, transperent. We then must be ready and humble, waiting for the opportuninty for when God chooses to touch us and when he does we need to be ready to share our light that we are given. :D

Elder Merrell