Sunday, October 4, 2015

Small Miracles & Elder Perez

So ahh fast!! So transfers happened and here are some short things that happened between those times.

I was going to send an emergency email to my parents to send me some socks, the ones I have are falling apart and are getting gross and well yah..Haha I'll leave it at that. So after my companion died and the companion of Elder Adao died me and elder Adao had to stay at the house of elder Adao, and while I was there I did some snooping about the stuff that his companion left. And I found a fresh box of Christmas it was amazing! So no worries! I have socks for a while!

So I now have a ´kid´ and I'm training him! His name is Elder Perez and he is from Bolivia! There are pictures around here some where that I sent so they should be attached to another message! But its great. Its a bit difficult , at first you end up doing all of the..well everything..haha and then with time they begin to start pulling some of the weight and helping out. But its crazy none the less!

Another Miracle.We were sitting at a lunch that we had with members. Talking and chatting when I had a little thought. ¨She´s going to fall¨ I glanced to my left and sure enough the little girl who has been treating the chair like a jungle gym is tipping back wards so just in time I was able to catch her and save her from a bump on the head and a lot of crying.

Oh Sunday, Yesterday. Was showering and just doing my thing when I heard a pop and a hiss and I noticed that there is significantly more light in the room. Freaking out slightly I jumped out from under the shower head after some ash fell around me to look up and see my shower head slightly on fire..Just about had my second baptism by fire...Haha well that's the whole story basically..

We had our district conference yesterday and Saturday! The main theme was Mission work and it was very nice to see the push for this hopefully we will be able to get some more help from the branch now.

Thats all I have for now! With love!