Sunday, November 15, 2015


So a lot has happened! We got news of the transfer coming up last Monday and then we had to play the waiting game for a while. But during that time we stared visiting some people and also began to pack a bit, but not too fast.

Tuesday came and we did some mean team clean of the pension after that I got to some hard packing, after having learned that I would be traveling at  about Midnight on Wednesday. This is where some of the pictures take place. The small kid I took the picture with is named Hugo and I had the chance to baptize him not too long ago. So it was pretty sweet to have him come send me off to the next area. We quickly got onto the bus and headed off. 5 hours later we arrived in Encarnacion, and made our way to the church building. We waited there a bit and then we were sent off to Cuidad Del Este. While there we waited at the stop called KM7, having arrived there at about 4;30, waiting there till about 630, then went to KM4 and realized that we were suppose to be in KM4 and had just missed the bus as of 30 minutes. We ended up staying the night with some other elders then got back on the road early that morning. Now from Cuidad Del Este to Saltos de Guida, my new area, its about another 4 hour ride. And during this 4 hour time, the cops stopped the bus about three times. The first time, we were asked to get off the bus and open up our luggage. The bus driver was also there wanting to see what was in the bag. One of the officers quickly asked as we were opening bags. `you are Mormons right?` we said yes, and after the first bag was open to reveal only clothes the officers said we didn't need to open any other bags. They shot a pretty dirty look to the bus driver who stormed off with out another word, seemingly mad that he didn't catch spies. Then again about a hour later, different officers enter the bus, ask us for our ID which we happily hand over and they thank us and leave. Third time, about 40 minutes later different officers enter, in this time asking for our ID and also to open our carry on bags. We passed all three tests with flying colors.

After that it was already thursday and well, i dont really remember much of what happened thursday to be honest. Haha Friday and Saturday were new like always, the area is really relaxing and its just nice to see new places. Its a Huge shopping town but in this moment its going through some hard times economically, so there are some larger malls that are completely abandoned..Its pretty interesting to see a half ghost town..

The new companion is Elder Diaz, He has about 6 months in the mission, Well he completed his 6 month mark on Friday i think..Haha Yes it was Friday. He is from Cordoba Argentina and is super animated about the work. Its a nice change of pace and I'm pumped to work with him. Haha

So some funny things to mention, this is my 12th transfer in the mission. (there are 17 in total) and so far, every transfer that I have had, I have had a new companion. We will see if the trend sticks around after this one. Haha.