Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bikes and Guns

From: Colter Merrell <>
Date: November 16, 2015 at 12:44:20 PM MST

Subject: Bikes and Guns

So this week was interesting! To start things off we started the week with consejo so were were all over the place traveling again. Luckily we don't have anything planned the next week so we will finally be able to hit the grind stone hard.

Leaders council was fun. We did a lot of talking, ate some hamburgers and were able to help out and get a plan set up for the month about what we are going to do as a mission. Me and my companion had a 20 minute talk, or discussion set apart where we talked about this and how it depends on where you are and who your with and then you can plan on how you will spend your time.

Saturday we had divisions. I went to a place called Katuate, which in spanish or guanani, I don't remember, means "Possibly"--- haha so that was fun. During divisions we went to a place called white water, or well in spanish agua blanca, and its a 15km bike ride there and back.. My bottom can still remember the ride. And its a 90 percent dirt road haha. but it was worth it we had some sweet lessons and then riding back in the dark was fun too.

On Sunday, (election day here) we are walking around late at night and the polls closed and someone won an election. There are fireworks and everything all around. wimpy stuff, small mortars and such. but one guy takes the cake.We are walking along and hear a ¨bang bang bang¨ and we think ¨of fireworks close by¨ and so we keep walking when we come up to a small group of obviuosly drunk guys,one with a pistol in his hand. In the other hand dual weilding a beer can and a cellphone talking into it. Pointing the pistol at the ground, no more than 6 feet between us, pulls the trigger ¨bang bang bang¨ my heart drops. And we just keep walking....