Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rains and Floods

Colter Merrell

So this week was crazy! tons of stuff went down, so wednesday it started to rain at about 3 in the afternoon and well from then on it didn't stop at all. We began by helping out a neighbor who was a bit down hill from the rain so we began to try and bucket water out of her house and with a squeegee broom so we got to it. Haha. But after some losing battle we got the hang of it with building a barricade and other things so it worked out in the end. We headed back to our pension after taking the tie, and the socks off. We walked into our pension and found 2 or so inches of while you are home getting snow..mine is just a bit more melted. We decided that our problem wasn't that big of a deal for the moment and we hit the streets looking for anyone in need,  helping all neighbors and people we could. After a hour or so of the water fight we headed back to our pension with the other elders of our area and began fighting to regain the home territory. At first it was a losing battle but with time we were getting it under control.. I ended up using my towel that I bought the day before because someone stole my other one..and well yah..long day..lots of water haha..But other than that we learned about transfers today and there won't be any until the 29th so we can have Christmas in the areas that we have been in. So that will b e nice.

Love tons