Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Christmas Eve was fine, not much happened and we were able to have a nice dinner with a Family of the ward and then headed back to the pension. We got to bed at a decent time, meaning a bit after 10.30, haha But it didn't last long, cause apparently when Santa comes to South America he announces his entrance with Fireworks at midnight. And the Fireworks continued for a good hour until after he has given all of the presents to all of the children.

Christmas day was our Pday that week. Which was pretty pointless in the fact that everything was closed and we couldn't find computers to use to write to families But! We did manage to skype our families after we learned some members were in town. I got a chance to talk to Mom and Dad and the family. It was a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for this chance to talk with them. With Christmas I opened to packages I had received from the Roylance Family and from my family, with some socks, ties, alot of notes, and some much needed Sour Patch Watermelons.. And ohh goodness where they amazing!

On the 27th we had the Baptism of the Arrana Gonzalo Family and we were able to follow it as planned. It was a wonderful experience, and I was able to baptize Sara, the grandma, and also Laura, the 18 year old girl. We also had Elder Balcaza come, (my previous companion) to baptise the two boys, and Brother Colman to baptise the mother. The next day we had their confirmations in the church and me and my companion decided that it would be good to allow priesthood holders of the ward a chance to practice and use their priesthood.

New Years eve was relatively quiet.  Basically the last two weeks have been nearly impossible to get lessons in but we tried none the less

New years day was our next P'day which came to about the same result as having Pday on Christmas, nothing is open and there is nothing to do. :(

This most recent Sunday though Gonzalo, the 12 year old in the family was able to be given the priesthood and ordained a Deacon and i was able to participate in this blessing!