Monday, January 12, 2015

Good Morning

Stuck with a weird computer again, haha running some old windows, so I'm just happy to be able to email. There will be pics next week. I hope..

So this was the last week for Elder Fontolvo, and you would assume he would be out and about happy as can be but he was actually pretty sad. Sad to be leaving. We were able to go do a service project for a woman in the ward that even the bishop calls the Abulita, meaning little grandma, we left and started the service project cleaning her yard and beginning what we needed to be a 11 meter hole. By the end of the allotted time that we had given ourselves we were at a very clean yard and about a 2 meter hole. The ground is really thick here...and dry... and hard... haha and we don't have a real shovel, in my book. But none the less it was fantastic! Had a blast and got to see a humbler part of the area.

The rest of the week was interesting, Elder Nielson got back from a three week papers trip to Posodas and we went on divisions with him. After me and him cleaned the baptismal font in his area we got hungry and went looking for food. But it was during a time which is called ´Ciesta¨ or nap haha, and basically everyone leaves town, and nothing is open, so we walked a ways down to a arm of his area to this Country Club... A nice Country club and we walked around looking for food, the only place open was this sushi place that neither of us felt confident enough to eat at so after some more walking and such we came across a small Gourmet Empanadas place and the empanadas were wonderful! But at the same time the lady running it could not have been more prepared to receive our message. We talked with her a bit at the restaurant and went over the outline of our message. We assumed that we would set up a date that we could come back and visit her but she beat us to it, AND invited us to have a lesson that day. So we hopped on a golf cart, no joke, and drove down to her house, We past her mothers mansion of a house and then down to what she called a humble home, but it was still super nice. We had a wonderful lesson with her in "dirty damp" normal cloths..And we used the only book of Mormon that we had, which was given to her by some elders a long long time ago. We retaught her how to pray, asked her if we could help her to be prepared to be baptized and then set up a date for her. She is a wonderful person and I'm very happy for Elder Nielson.

 Sunday came around and Elder Fontolvo was asked to play the only two songs that he knew on the piano, both songs were conducted a lot slower then they were suppose to be played, but we are use to not having a piano player, so that was funny. After, he gave a quick talk and shared some scriptures that he knew would help the people of the ward. After church we visited all the people that we could. About 10 o'clock that night we drove to the terminal in Ciudad Del Este and he took off. And will be in his own bed Wednesday night.

 I will be in my area one more time, and from what I've heard I will be getting another "big'boned" Elder haha -3 for 3.
-Elder Merrell