Monday, March 23, 2015


I have met some great people here.

First off there is a Minus Activo whos name is Carlos, He is a Jewlery Maker....With Silver and Gold. It is super cool! I am getting a HLJ (CTR) ring made from him. His reasoning for being a less active is a bit sad. He was converted to the church and worked to convert his family for a total of 10 years with no prevail.  He eventually went inactive. He still loves the missionaries. He practices Guananese and also English. He also reads a ton. I was poking around in his metallurgy like laboratory and he has stacks and stacks of history books. He knows so much!

We also ran into a family named that Familia Fuxs (fooks) is how its said. They are super cool and are very strong investigators. The mother and the Father of the family are working on getting legally married right now and are both reading The Book of Mormon. The father is a door to door knife salesman and they are giant knives...

We had a awesome noche de Jugar (mutual night) last Saturday. In where we cleaned the doors and windows to the church and then after the Jovenes played football, and also a couple with their school laptops were playing Counterstrike together haha.

This would proabably have to be my fastest six weeks so far! And i just start forgetting what happened on what days. Ill start to jot down little experiences so I can write a lot more next time! (Sorry for not having pictures, i forgot the cord for the computer..)

Love Elder Merrell