Friday, March 13, 2015


So! Oh my Goodness oh my goodness...

Leaving Hernandarius was tough, and kind of heart wrenching and sad but it needed to happen. I visited everyone I could in the time that I had. It was tough to say goodbye.  I said bye to the AranaGonzalo family, Nuarte, Benitez, Carno, Carmen and the Santa Cruz family. It was a wonderful experience to talk to them on how one of my goals on my mission was to grow my family, And I can confirm that I am growing my family here.

I was thrown onto a bus after stuffing my bags which in the end resulted in a wheel on both luggage bags breaking but the trip was fine. I got to Incarnacion (the city across the river of Posadas) and there I ran into Elder Collins, (I didn't get a picture with him) I also saw Hermana Percival and Hermana Sorenson and they are on their last transfer! Its sad...So got across the river and into Argentina and then went straight to the terminal.

That is where I met Elder Cross (he is the elder in which we took a selfie in the middle of the road with) He is from Las Vegas! He has been in the mission for a year and a bit more then 6 months. He has been in Obera For two transfers and before that was in cuidad Del este (not in my zone but i saw him on occasion in pizza hut) So it was cool to catch up with him! And we hit the ground running and the work is hard but it is very satisfying. He has a few progressing investigators but right now we are focusing on fortifying them and finding new investigators. Surprisingly, it is very diverse here. There are a lot of Germans and Brazilians here.

Umm...I got to use a Bidet for the first time, which was...interesting to say the least..haha

Obera is a much larger place. It is about between Cuidad del Este in the city aspect, but more city like then Hernandarius was..So its right in between.. There is a huge plaza with a super cool ground fountain and its just a really nice quaint little place to live! The house is nice, it was for 2 companionships so four elders. But this transfer it is just me and elder cross.  The ward is not a ward, it is a branch and its pretty big! so i enjoy it but it isnt quite a ward yet. And i didnt do much at church yesterday, i did help teach the Principles of the gospel and such