Monday, March 30, 2015


So there are tons of 6 feet tall (creepy) bunnies all around town now, and to add onto that there is a giant tomb and a garden tomb type area set up. It is very interesting here.

Also had a very interesting experience, so Saturday we got a call that the General Relief Society stream was having some issues, so me and elder cross headed that way to see if we could find any obvious problem. The problem was out of our reach, and sadly it seemed that everyone just gave up after they realized there was a problem so there was a very fast exodus.  After I managed to change the projector language from German into Spanish for them I walked back out side and Elder Cross was talking to a taller white fellow.... an American named Greg Sailem.  He and his wife and two kids are from North Salt Lake but recently just finished being a mission president in Houston (Sugarland?  not Katy) and he was coming back to see if he could find any converts from 24 years before when his ZONE (my zone for example is Obera) was all of Missiones. (Missiones is the name of the province in which is my mission) And he traveled all over the place. We helped them out a bit and gave them some general directions and such. His Spanish was a bit rusty but it was enough to impress the Branch President. We talked with his sons and his wife some and they ended up coming to church with us the next day. President then invited the father to share a quick message during church, meaning a good 25 minute talk during which I was translating for the sons as fast as I could. It was a fun experience and a well needed spiritually uplifting one.

Have you watched the new Mormon Message?   It's very powerful!

Some of the pictures!
Some scenery and the Overa sign, a mad ostrige, my comps throwing knife skills..face dance sign, Carlos (Jewlrey maker, member) me and my comp hiding behind big leaves, some knives a investigator was selling, Easter EGGS!! for the mission confrence, Titanic games and out paper hats! Some Comp Pictures and then a small gold bar...78g at 18k... nearly 3000$...