Monday, March 23, 2015


So oh my goodness have we done allot of stuff this past week. Haha so the big thing was the Activity.

At the end of every month the Obera Mission has a activity that they put on, on Saturdays. So we had the idea of doing Titanic! So everyone comes in to the Titanic, gets some money playes games and such and then the titanic crashes and we take a inventory of everyones gains. But we put a spiritual Plan of Salvation twist on it. But ill get to that.

We came up with a bunch of different games. The sisters in our ward came up with Bowling, Watergun knock over cup thing and also eat the apple off the string type game. Me and Elder Cross came up with table shuffle board, ring toss and three towers (a ball and cup throwing type game) we also did a fake money game. And then in one of the back rooms of the church we had a Book of Mormon testimony writing activity.

So all the kids got to the church and the first thing everyone was given was paper hats which are super easy to make, everyone colored and  drew on theirs, I wish I had a picture right now but I apologize that I don't, But on one side i had a feather, and on the other a drawing of Trogdor...

Each colored their hat, then was given 200 fake pesos. I was in charge of three games, the shuffleboard, the ring toss and the three towers.  Elder cross was in charge of the money game, which was where most of the kids and some parents lost all of their money. The sisters were in charge of the other games, and Ezekiel (the wards secretary and a RM) was in The Book of Mormon room. After a lot of fun and game playing the ship began to sink and everyone scrambled to the lifeboats (the Chapel) we took an inventory and even though some doubled, tippled and even quadroupled their money, it was not important in the end based on the fact that they did not receive a golden ticket from the Book of Mormon Activity. It was a bit harsh but some needed the lesson. In the end it turned out well. It was interesting seeing how some parents had tickets while some of their kids did not. It was a good learning experience for everyone in the end.